We are delighted to meet you either as a visitor or a customer of our company. We hope to greet our visitors sooner or later in our partner?s circle.

Why do we trust in this?

Because we trust in you: we believe ? as many in Hungary as well ? that you will recognize the advantages of an average sized, flexible and complex HR-services providing company.

We communicate on human voice:

We are curious about everybody who wishes a new career, but we also have a something to say for those who need a part time job.
Convince yourself about the fact that our current job offers speak for themselves. We meet our business partners? expectations: their labour force need is provided by us with the help of our tailored services along with the application of our own developed recruiting method based on our international experience of many decades.

The first Select Appointments Personal Management Consultancy Agency was founded in London 1980. The aim was to provide first class tailored service for manpower management, and related consultancy.

Select belongs to the most well-known company group in Great Britain, and there are 605 Select agencies in 25 countries of the world with different personnel management consultancy services for our clients. Due to an ownership change the Hungarian venture started a new life on 1 August 2008 that is also to be noticed in the change of the company name.

Our company?s success is assured by the manager director?s 15-year-long leading experience of recruiting and outsourcing past based on international background know-how, linked with a committed and experienced consultant team.

Our integrated IT program developed for consultant activities provides a quick and professional qualitywork.

It is important for us to provide quality service for every company or enterprise. Regarding the last 16 years period there have been no such sectors in which Select Human Resource Ltd. would not have dealt with. It has covered all range of companies such as Pharmaceutical industry, FMCG and all sectors of services, financial, trade, manufacturing, logistics, production fields and human resources ranging from Hungarian smaller and medium enterprises up to international companies and multinational companies.

Quality control:

Quality control is a very important part of our job. At every company order we apply a planned schedule and invite our clients to share their opinion and remarks about our services via internet or phone contact. Thanks to our thoughtful attitude towards our clients, many of the leading companies turn to Select Ltd. and ask for solving solutions concerning personnel management problems.