HR advising

HR ? consultancy, the added value!

It provides through a unique planned Select Ltd. services an efficient and guaranteed quality that suits our clients? company demands.

Our customers receive a personal consultancy. With the help of our consultant colleague, who knows our client?s labour structure, continuously and quickly provides the needed employee?s signing in, helps in exploring staffing problems and solving them.

After pre-arranged consultation we are ready to offer the following services:

  • Skill developing trainings
  • Human resource audit
  • Individual psychological tests, mental and aptitude tests

We undertake a complete or partial human resource support for small and big companies by an out placed employee on the fields below:

Evaluation of human capital

  • Organization planning, organization development
  • Career planning
  • Planning targeted trainings
  • Forming organization values
  • Exploring disorientation in teamwork
  • Labour consultancy in labour law / review
  • Introducing and supporting achievement evaluation system
  • Introducing cafeteria system tailored for the companies
  • HR controlling
  • Working time frame
  • Supporting the company?s human resource (registry signing ins and outs, orientations, training organizations, employment, staff cutbacks etc.)
  • Completing assessment and development centres

Labour advising

Our labour law sector team provides consultancy and helps on the followings:

  • Contracts of employment, reviewing agreements
  • Reviewing and elaborating labour law rules
  • Preparing and reviewing employer and employee provisions
  • Viewing contracts of employment, modifying because of changing laws
  • Consultancy in case of dismissal and by common assent
  • Employment relationships and other legal matters concerning termination of contract on employee and executive level
  • Consultancy on preparation and completion of staff decrease
  • Preparation of executives contracts
  • Preparation of agreements, modification, notice and reviewing of collective contracts
  • Settlement on collective contracts? labour disputes
  • Consultancy on factory agreements, president election of the shop – committee and shop ? deputy
  • Foreign employees? working license
  • Workplace outsourcing
  • Consultancy on occasional employee certificate
  • Consultancy and agency in labour law disputes (labour suits, labour agreement)

Other special areas concerning legal branches are also part of our consultancy (atypical employment methods: permanent placement, part-time employment, telecommuting, definite term employment, outwork, occasional work, periodical work).