Our team

Recruiting and selecting tasks are fulfilled by the manager director and four consultant colleagues.

Our consultants are qualified people in the following fields:

Human management, financial engineer, foreign trade sales representative, MBA business qualification, elder and adult management services, human resources professional, labour consultant, economist, labour law consultant, promotion manager, EU professional.

Our consultancy activities are the following: temporary placement and permanent placement that consists of: recruitment and selection; phone interviews and personal interviews: making professional interview notices; editing advertisement; keeping contacts with partners and clients; in case of successful search: follow ? up; in case of temporary placement providing labour help and consultancy; collection of time sheets; monthly payroll of personnel. Providing personal consulting hours; uploading database; preparation of tenders; helping career planning; managing registry sign – in sign ? out procedures.

Sale and marketing colleagues? tasks: creative outworking and workmanship on marketing material, starting cold calls. Searching and contacting clients periodically. Surveying compliance demands; organizing and arranging professional programs.

Financial colleagues? tasks: keeping in touch with suppliers; managing financial tasks; dealing with invoices; issuing account annexes; bank transactions; our book keeping is handled by a professional accountant and another professional takes care of our payroll accounting.

The manager director?s main task is to manage the company?s financial, legal and business procedures, keeps contact with the partner?s leaders with the help of the assistant.