The aim of the outplacement:

To protect the employee from the negative effects of the dismissal – psychological, social, legal effects – assuring a peaceful leave, helping his or her personality development and supporting in finding a tailor made workplace and tasks. In order to achieve success with this process all the elements below are important to be fulfilled.

Planning and applying this service have been worked out by 15-20 years experienced professionals such as: psychologists, career advisors, experienced corporate human resource expert.

SELECT Ltd. has been dealing with recruitment, career HR consultancy and outplacement for 16 years. Due to the huge number of interviews and consultancy our experts possess a practical professional knowledge thus they form an extremely efficient and experienced consultancy team. The manager director of the company is:

  • the president of the Hungarian Association of Personnel Consultants Union
  • member of the National HR Union (OHE)
  • president member of the Confideration of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists (MGYOSZ)
  • Expert of National Employment Service (NPT )

Due to our remarkable references and the numerous satisfied customers, we assure that you have chosen with us one of the best solutions on the market.