Executive search

The selection of executives is proceeded with direct search and market research.

Direct search:

Direct search is the most discrete and accurate searching process. We recommend this type of search where due to the importance of the position, the added value or the system of special expectations a complete market research is needed regarding time as an important factor during procedure.
Firstly, a profound and wide range market research is needed in the field of operating companies and branches and only after this it is followed by targeting those who work in similar fields.
It is difficult to compare the searching methods, since each position requires different kind of searching method. In the majority of cases we combine these searching methods. This means that we combine the advertised area with the database and in special fields we apply direct search. In case of executive positions we mainly use direct search and network which is completed with well targeted off- line advertisement.

Through network:

Due to our consultants and colleagues extended relationships it takes short time to find the suitable candidate and our relational capital is also a great help in getting information. It happens many times that acquaintances and previous candidates recommend potential employers.

Our experienced psychologist consultant has been working on the labour market for 20 years. She takes part in the selection processes and increases our eligibility selection with various tests regarding labour psychology, personality, leadership, skills and creativity.

Mostly required searching areas

  • Sales / trade
  • Finance / Accountancy
  • Supply / logistics
  • Management
  • Marketing / PR
  • Manufacture / production / IT
  • HR / labour